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My Brokers Inc working in full swing to help Albertans during COVID-19 by increasing the availability of Insurance online.

 My Brokers is working hard to simplify insurance by bringing it online and they have reached the target and brought complete commercial insurance online, where you can get the quote online with there 3-MINS Online quote system and also have increased there team size and where you can get quote online for life insurance by just filling up a short form.

No region of the country has been free from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. That said, some say that their experience has been more difficult than others. In Ontario, for example, residents are considerably more likely to report being unable to access health care than those in Alberta. The regional story is found in the table below:


The regional impact of restricted medical care is again most visible when aggregating those who have experienced at least one of the issues presented. In Ontario, this proportion rises to 44 per cent, six-points higher of the national average and 14 points more than Alberta:


Following the study by Angus Reid Institute most reputed non-profit institute of Canada My Brokers INC has started a drive where customer can get complete insurance solutions from Personal Insurance, Auto Insurance, Commercial Insurance and Life Insurance which has different wings from Term Life Insurance to Critical Insurance under one roof and almost all the solutions available online so that person taking insurance can select what is required and will pay for what he wants and not even a penny more and get maximum benefits.

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