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Our goal is to earn the trust and respect of our customers every day. We take pride in the high level of service that our experienced staff provide. We strive to be an industry leader through hard work and commitment from every employee, which in turn keeps our customers loyal and satisfied. Our business is built on relationships of mutual trust and respect which we build through professional advice and hard work.

My Brokers is a full service, national insurance brokerage, providing insurance coverage and risk management advice for the following specialities:

•Hospitality: Restaurants, cafes, and licensed premises
•Oil and Gas: Contractors, sub-trades and related manufacturing
•Professionals: Architects, APEGA members, engineers, accountants, surveyors, health professionals, appraisers, insurance brokers, design-build contractors, fitness instructors, and many others!
•Construction: Course of construction, general and professional liability, equipment, crime, bid and performance bonds, and new home warranties
•Transportation: Garage, long or short haul, national and international (US) exposure
•Non-Profit: Charities, non-profits, NGO’s, and schools and religious organisations of all types
•Information Technology: installation, cyber risk, SAP consultants, software developers, media, ISP’s, CIP’s members, and more
•New Home Warranty: providing new home warranty coverage in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and B.C.

Living Our Values

As a set of principles, Living Our Values reflects both the values that guide us and our commitment to excel in all aspects of our business. As a framework, it’s who we are, how we behave and how we maintain our excellent reputation.

We behave with integrity
•We demonstrate the highest ethical standards of personal conduct.
•We behave with honesty, integrity, openness and fairness when dealing with each other, customers, partners and governments.

We respect each other
•We value the diversity of our people and their dreams.
•We foster an environment conducive to personal growth and development and to new opportunities.
•We recognize and value the contribution each of us and our teams are making to our success.

We are customer driven
•We listen to customers, understand their needs, offer the best solutions and deliver on our promises.
•We make it easy for customers to deal with us.
•We go beyond expectations and always deliver an outstanding experience.

We strive for excellence
•We are disciplined in our approaches and our actions, which is why we excel in all of our businesses.
•We embrace change and the opportunities it creates, encourage innovative thinking and always seek to improve.
•We value and reward high performance and success.
•We provide high value to our shareholders.

We are socially responsible
•We respect the environment and its finite resources.
•We believe in making the communities where we live and work safer, healthier and happier.
•We encourage the involvement and citizenship of all our employees.

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